TriOKC 2016 Board Elections

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Elections for 2 Board Positions for 2016 in the Triathlon Club of Oklahoma City are about to commence! To be able to vote, you must be a member of TriOKC. Only one ballot per person. The following biographical sketches are for the nominees, followed by a link for a survey to cast your ballot. In no particular order:

* Ruth Rickey:
Ruth Rickey is a relative newcomer to the sport of triathlon, but has been doing endurance events and raising money for the Leukemia Society since 2005. Diagnosed with leukemia in 2001, Ruth still takes chemo twice a day, as there is no cure for her type of illness. Ruth is a former attorney and administrative law judge. She ran an upscale grocery bakery for 5 years, then owned Ruth’s Sweete Justice bakery for 12. She closed her bakery in 2011 and now teaches sugar art all over the world. She has her own custom line of products, as well. Ruth was a founding member of Run Lucky 5k and served as Chair and Finish Line Director during her 5 years on the committee. She has worked 8 years on Tour de Palate, a wine and food tasting event. She served 4 years on the LLS Board of Directors.
Ruth has fallen in love with triathlon and this outstanding community of athletes and would like the opportunity to give back by serving on the Board.

* Brett Howorth:
I grew up swimming in San Antonio, and swam in college at Henderson State University in Arkansas. I completed my first Olympic triathlon in 1995 on a mountain bike; I would not recommend doing this. I moved to OKC in 2005 and participated in the inaugural Redman as an Aqua Biker. A few years ago I did another triathlon, and I have been hooked on the sport ever since. I have completed five half-iron distances and I look forward to becoming an Ironman in 2016. I have been married to my hot wife for 9 years. We have twin 7 year old girls that enjoy 2nd grade, swim team, and watching their dad race.

* Kyle Glass:
I’ve been competing in Multisport since 2012, I have a vast knowledge of the sport and what it takes to bring Oklahoma to the pinnacle of triathlon and start making us a great place to host races. Nothing brings me more joy than my hobby of triathlon and being able to compete against the greatest athletes in our state and beyond. I have taken on more and more responsibilities each year I’ve been in this sport and wish to add tri-OKC board member to that list and make this club better than I found it.

* Adriene Stone:
I have been involved in multisport for seven years starting with the Draper Duathlon in 2008. In that race I came in last place and in fact was so far behind the other athletes that the police escort for the event was sent out to look for me! Nevertheless, I caught the multisport bug and since then I have participated in many races as both a competitor and as a volunteer. My greatest achievement was completing the full distance Redman Triathlon in 2014. I have also raced as a part of Team USA in the 2015 World Aquathon Championship. I enjoy the challenge and sense of accomplishment that multisport presents, but mostly I enjoy the support and encouragement that is prevalent in the multisport community, no matter an individual’s skill level or place. I would be thrilled to continue promoting the sport that I love as a TRI-OKC board member.

* Cara Nance:
I was a runner first, a Landrunner past president(2011 & 2012) & board member, race director for The Beacon on the Bay for 4 years & race director for The Lighthouse Tri for 3 years, and on Redman staff.
I fell in love with multisport in 2007. I enjoy being involved and helping with splash n dashes or events of any distance with any part that there is a need. My husband and I both do multisport and I really enjoy cheering and helping people to compete or complete their event. The camaraderie of multisport is what pulled me in from the beginning.

* Mat Jones:
I am the father of two great children. My daughter Jordan and her husband Josh live in Seattle and my son Trey is a senior at Edmond Santa Fe. My hobbies include photography, travel, mountain climbing and Multi-Sport. I have a true passion for helping those in need. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Epilepsy Association and serve on several fund raising committees, sponsoring those in the community who need it most. After a major weight loss, and life change… I started a foundation to assist, advocate, and fundraise for morbidly obese Americans. I do several speaking engagements per month, along with fund raisers, including but not limited to extreme sports to garner media attention and bring attention to this epidemic. We (Mat’s Quest) have successfully assisted six scholarship applicants in securing the funds necessary for bariatric surgery. We assist hundreds of people each year, with diet and exercise plans, motivation and accountability; As well as, financial support. I am an exercise fanatic, and have extensive background in Mixed Martial Arts. Several years ago I was challenged to try multi-sport. My first event was the Route 66 Splash and Dash… Addicted to the thrill of swim-run, I immediately signed up for the sprint triathlon just a couple days later. The Tri-OKC family adopted me and took me under their wing. In the last three years I have competed in 30+ multi-sport events and have volunteered at most. I have developed some of the strongest bonds with others in our club, and consider them family. I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of Tri-OKC.

*Dan Chapman:
Dan Chapman is a former professional athlete who has spent thirty years coaching amateur, elite and professional athletes to reach the goals. Chapman has spent the last sixteen years as a National coach working with athletes and certifying coaches who are developing their own skills. Dan currently carries licenses in four countries progressing to complete the seven required to become an international level coach. Dan started his athletic development in the lifeguard development program as a teen where competition between coastal cities was the norm. Among the many competitive games was the Aquathlon. Unnamed back then it was just known as an event that began with a mile swim from shore to a buoy in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and back, six mile run, another mile swim and finished with another run. It was unheard of back then to wear a wetsuit…you can believe it was nipple pointy cold. Since his youth, Dan has traveled both domestic and abroad building friendships, competing in sport, developing his craft and loving his family. Chapman’s bachelor studies include architecture, advertising design, marketing, sport physiology and sport psychology. When Dan is not coaching, studying or training he spends his time at Schlegel Bicycles where he helps riders find the perfect fit. Known as the GURU, Dan uses the old and the new to help a rider develop a position that suits the rider’s needs…so much, that he Guarantees the fit. Dan’s goal is to give back to the next generation and newly developing age group athletes who aspire to improve, grow and enjoy life in sport.

*Debbie Wog:
TRI-OKC is an amazing organization. Involvement with the club, has not only helped me to become a better athlete, but have made some wonderful friends. I have been a multi-sport athlete for about 7 years, in addition to being a fitness professional for 20 years. I possess strong organizational and team-building skills that I believe would allow me to make a positive impact. Finally, I live on the SW side of the side and would be representing a large group

To Vote, please click on the link sent to members via email.

Fall Classic Duathlons! This Sunday!

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Route 66 Park, Lake Overholser, OKC, OK, 10:30am start
Contact: Steve Bussjaeger, Send Email to Buzz
Short Course: 2M Run/10M Bike/2M Run
F1 Long Course: 2M Run/10M Bike/2M Run/10M Bike/ 2M Run

USAT National Championships!!

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OKC will be hosting 3 USAT National Championship events. Redman Long Course Tri, Route 66 Long Course Aquathlon, and USAT National Duathlon Series Fall Classic Duathlon. The first two events are qualifiers for ITU World Championships! Redman registration is closed, but registration is open for the Aquathlon and Duathlon.


El Reno, OK (Lake El Reno), 9am start
Contact: Steve Bussjaeger,
1500m Swim/10k Run


Route 66 Park, Lake Overholser, OKC, OK, 10:30am start
Contact: Steve Bussjaeger, Send Email to Buzz
Short Course: 2M Run/10M Bike/2M Run
F1 Long Course: 2M Run/10M Bike/2M Run/10M Bike/ 2M Run

Swim Training

Pool Locations:

Bike Training

  • Tue - 405 Bicycles, 310-2453 for details
  • Thur - Schlegel’s, 232-4040 for details
  • Sat - 405 Bicycles, 310-2453 for details
  • Sun - Schlegel’s, 232-4040 for details

All Local YMCA’s have spin classes thru out the week. See schedules for date and time.

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