IM New Orleans 69.1 (swim cancelled)

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IM New Orleans 69.1 (swim cancelled)

Postby pculley » Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:34 am

Just got back from IM New Orleans last weekend.

There were 25mph winds the morning of the race, so the swim portion of the race was cancelled.

Due to the cancellation, racers were sent out on the bike portion of the race in time trial fashion. Pros lined up by bib number and left 30 seconds apart. Age-groups were lined up according to swim start order and sent across the mount line in pairs about every 3 seconds. The bike was an out and back course. We started off into the wind, and so, had a pretty nice tail wind on the way back. Other than a few bridges the course was truly flat. I did see some drafting, but I only saw one peleton. There were plenty of bike refs out and the penalty tents looked pretty busy. I only recall two bike aid stations, but I carry everything I need with me, so I wasn't paying much attention.

The run course was point-to-point and ended at Jackson Square. A cold front had blown in the day before, so the sun was out, but the temperature was nice and it was not as humid as I had feared it would be. The run was even flatter than the bike and had more than enough support and aid stations. The spectators were pretty thin until about two miles to go and became very crowded once you made the last turn to the finish line. People were lining both sides of the streets shouting encouragement and giving high-fives.

The race itself was great. I was disappointed with the goody bag, ironman village/ironman store, and the post-race food. None of this was even close to being as good as what we get at Redman. I will be going back to do a complete race in the near future, but I will say that just because it's IM branded doesn't mean it's better.
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