Any future without ACL and Cartilage?

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Any future without ACL and Cartilage?

Postby drob » Thu Sep 15, 2011 1:06 am

I've been without knee cartilage for 30 years. Now my ACL is gone. Is there any hope for me to continue to swim and bike?

I had a decent summer with a few pains, I backed off the mild hammering and did okay on the long rides the last 3 weekends, but after a very mild spin class on Monday, pain and swelling began. Verified today the ACL is no longer attached. Without the cartilage, am somewhat reluctant to replace the ACL as it will likely tighten the joint that already has a narrow gap. Some arthritis and small spur were also present.

Any ideas from those that have been here?
Drained 50 cc and gave it a C shot. Hoping it will feel good enough next week to at least swim Redman. Hopefully can limp through the bike. I am not really concerned about not being able to compete, just don't want to be designated for porch duty. Certainly want to be able to swim and bike a little.
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Postby tdjme » Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:18 pm

I can empathize, though my day is still coming ... two meniscus surgeries and a near-back surgery, and recently I had to take the last week off from biking and swimming due to really unusual knee tightness. I'd have to go with the advice of a really great Ortho that is knife-averse... like Calvin Johnson at OSSO. My experience with them is that they really understand the mind of an athlete, and they we hate to be relegated to "porch duty". Plus, his PA and afew of the other guys in the office are Iron triathletes - so they really understand.
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