IM Canada

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IM Canada

Postby glen woods » Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:04 pm

Traci Johnson and I are doing IM Canada this year and are thinking about using tri bike transport. I looked at the participant list and only see 3 of us from OK. I am wondering if anyone knows Timothy Martin? I would like to contact him to see how he plans to transport his bike. If he is using tri bike transport, maybe we can get them to pick up at Schlagels.
glen woods
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Re: IM Canada

Postby buzz » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:19 pm

I'm sure you've seen Roger's response. Tim kind of does his own thing.
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Re: IM Canada

Postby mike » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:54 am

Tim is a lawyer in the okc area and like buzz said kind of does his own thing
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