Route 66 Triathlon - look who's racing

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Route 66 Triathlon - look who's racing

Postby buzz » Wed May 30, 2012 9:46 pm


OL C/A Allen Charles
OL IND Andersen Chris
OL IND Andersen Renee
OL REL Anderson Tim
OL IND Anderson Eric
OL IND Andrade Stephen
OL IND Ashby Sandra
SP IND Attebery Jesica
SP C/A Ayubi Jp
SP IND Ayubi Connor
OL IND Azhar Lisa
OL IND Bach Olivia
OL IND Bach Natalie
OL IND Balvin Ken
OL IND Bassin Stephanie
OL IND Battaliou John
OL REL Batterson Christy
Vol Batterson Christy
SP IND Bayless Rob
OL IND Beck Scott
SP IND Berrong Brad
SP C/A Berry Charles
SP IND Bjes Michael
SP IND Blose Jonathan
SP IND Bockus Bruce
OL AB Bofinger Eric
OL IND Bogatko Joseph
SP IND Boone Mike
OL AB Bowen Spencer
OL IND Bowersox Grant
SP IND Bowling Michael
OL IND Boyd Sean
OL IND Bray Kathryn
OL IND Brickman Jacob
OL IND Britton David
SP IND Brock Barry
FE IND Brooks Debbie
OL REL Brown Tanya
OL REL Brown Rian
OL IND Brown James
SP IND Brown Heather
SP IND Brown Barrett
SP IND Brown Kathryn
OL IND Brunnschweiler Michael
OL IND Bryce Gene
FE IND Burchfield Dusty
OL IND Burchfield Heath
SP IND Bushong Julie
OL IND Butchko Tom
OL C/A Butler Jayme
OL IND Byers Matt
SP IND Byrd Teresa
OL AB Byrum Scott
OL IND Campbell Ian
OL IND Campuzano Susana
FE C/A Carlson Phil
OL IND Case John
OL AB Case Michelle
SP AB Case Michelle
OL IND Cech Eric
OL IND Celestain Ryan
SP IND Chan Godfrey
SP IND Chandler Micheal
FE IND Chen Rocky
SP IND Childress Jennifer
FE IND Christensen Brendon
SP IND Christensen Carin
SP IND Clay Mark
OL IND Coker Duane
OL IND Cole Bucky
SP AB Cone Terri
SP C/A Cone Mark
SP AB Cooper Robert
SP IND Cordell Hunter
SP IND Cornman Lance
OL IND Courtney Tanner
OL IND Cox Phillip
FE IND Criss Terry
SP IND Croy Acacia
SP IND Croy Acacia
OL IND Cullen Michael
OL IND Culley Patrick
SP C/A Cusher Aaron
OL IND Dannemiller Scott
OL AB Dart Bruce
OL IND Davis Timothy
OL IND Davis Lindsay
OL IND Davis Jessica
SP IND Davis Jerianne
OL IND Dawson Daniel
SP IND Dawson Daniel
OL IND Demeyer Pascal
OL IND Dillingham David
OL IND Dimaggio Matthew
SP C/A Dobson Matt
FE IND Douglas Jackson
SP IND Douglass Sara
OL IND Downs Amy
OL IND Drezek Benjamin
OL IND Dudley Philip
OL IND Duncan Alisa
SP IND Dunning Miles
OL IND Dutt Desiree
OL AB Duty John
SP IND Ebenhack Lindsay
SP IND Edwards Benny
FE IND Ellis Ryan
OL AB Evans Nicholas
SP IND Everett Steven
OL IND Faw Joshua
SP C/A Felts Kevin
SP IND Fisher Aaren
SP IND Fong Winston
OL IND Foster Scott
OL IND Frakes Stacy
OL C/A Friedl John
SP IND Frohnapfel Terry
OL IND Fugate Cole
SP IND Garba Matus
OL IND Gartman Roger
SP IND Gibbs Deedee
OL IND Godfred-Cato Shana
OL IND Gomer Drew
SP IND Gomez Gerber
FE IND Gonzalez Eloy
OL IND Gordon Sonya
SP IND Grotzinger Monica
OL C/A Gunter Nancy
FE IND Guthrie Maura
Vol Hacker Dawn
SP IND Haddock Shannon
FE C/A Haizlip Ben
OL C/A Hake Christopher
FE IND Hale Piers
SP IND Hall-Wiist Lindsey
SP IND Hambrick Bettina
OL IND Hansen Barbara
SP IND Hansen Barbara
OL AB Harmer Neill
OL C/A Harris Scott
SP IND Harris Brian
SP IND Hart Joshua
FE IND Harvey Zane
SP IND Hayward Chris
SP IND Hazel William
FE IND Henderson Jordan
SP C/A Henley Jerick
OL IND Hernandez Shane
SP IND Higgins James
SP IND Hildenbrand John
FE IND Hohstadt Mark
OL IND Holley Stephen
OL IND Holmes Justin
OL IND Hosie Matt
OL AB Howorth Brett
SP IND Howorth Brett
SP AB Hresko Jane
SP C/A Hughes Barry
OL REL Hukill Jessica
FE IND Humphreys Mark
FE IND Imboden Brandon
FE IND Isenberg Brad
FE IND Isom Cat
SP IND Jackson Ericka
Vol James Madison
SP IND Jarolim Blake
FE IND Jeter David
OL REL Johnson Christina
OL IND Johnson Jennifer
FE IND Jonason Don
OL IND Jordan Anthony
FE IND Journey Bryan
OL IND Kahnk Jessica
OL IND Kanske Jim
SP IND Kendrick Steven
FE IND Keros William
OL REL Kilgore Christy
OL IND Kilgore Scott
SP C/A Kilgore Christy
OL IND Kimberling Katie
OL IND Kirtland Christopher
OL IND Kirtland Kristin
OL IND Klinck Bobby
SP IND Kolchak Kimberly
SP C/A Koonce Trina
SP IND Kramer Julie
OL IND Krause John
OL IND Kreymborg Lou Skip
OL IND Krutka Larry
OL IND Krutka Larry
SP IND Krutka Donna
SP IND Krutka Donna
OL IND Kurtz Brian
SP IND La Rocque Ally
SP C/A Laird Iii Tommy
SP IND Laughlin Sheila
SP C/A Lavasque Erik
SP IND Lavender Traci
SP IND Leach Courtney
OL C/A Lebak Tamara
OL C/A Lee John
SP IND Lee Eric
OL IND Leslie Carolyn
OL C/A Lewis Adam
OL IND Lewis Brent
SP IND Lewis Billy
OL AB Linck Tom
SP AB Linck Tom
OL IND Lindholm Craig
SP IND Litzenberg Ardimus
SP IND Lively Patrick
SP IND Long Leah
SP IND Lovins Bruce
SP IND Lucas Hunter
SP IND Lucena Rene
OL AB Lundy Janie
OL IND Mach Jonathan
FE IND Macintyre Craig
OL IND Manchester Dave
SP IND Manchester Dave
SP IND Maple John
SP IND Maple Amy
OL IND Mashore Roger
SP C/A Mask Dennis
OL IND Mathe Lauren
OL C/A Mattix Michael
SP IND Mcalister Wes
OL IND Mcbride Robert
OL IND Mcbride Jonathan
OL IND Mccrary Eric
SP C/A Medart Karen
OL IND Melius Jason
OL IND Melton Rhonda
OL C/A Metcalf Clint
FE IND Middleton Blake
OL IND Mietus Nick
OL IND Miller Amy
OL IND Mills Owen
Vol Mills Owen
OL IND Minor Jay
SP C/A Mistler Brent
Vol Moakley Barbara
OL IND Mondt Ii Mark
SP IND Moore Jay
SP IND Moore Jeff
Vol Moore Sarah
FE IND Morgal Susie
OL IND Morris Angela
SP IND Mueller Matt
OL IND Mydlo Demetra
OL IND Nance Randy
OL IND Nash Chris
SP IND Nels Leaha
OL IND Nelson Don
SP IND Newby Jacob
Newton Travis
OL IND Newton Travis
OL IND Nguyen Andrew
OL IND Nielsen William
SP IND Norris Andrea
FE IND O'brien Austin
FE IND Olden Scott
OL IND Paliotta Armand
OL IND Parsons Laura
FE C/A Partain Thomas
OL IND Penn Sarah
FE IND Phillips Ralph
SP IND Pitts Jenae
SP IND Postell Philip
OL IND Puckett Tony
FE IND Purser Gordon
SP IND Putnam Amanda
OL IND Pyle Eric
OL IND Rankin Mitch
SP IND Rasmussen Kimberly
OL IND Ray Tom
OL IND Reitan Tanya
OL IND Remondino Bob
SP IND Renfroe Gage
FE C/A Resler Viki
SP C/A Reynolds Andy
OL IND Rhodes Travis
OL IND Rice Douglas
SP IND Riegel Bryce
OL IND Ritchie Bill
OL AB Robinson David
SP REL Robinson David
SP REL Robinson David
SP REL Robinson Ana
Vol Robinson David
OL REL Roddy Lisa
OL C/A Rogalsky Joel
SP IND Rosales Rick
SP IND Sackrison Andrew
OL AB Saunders Monica
SP C/A Saunders Monica
OL IND Saylor Austin
SP IND Schell Dana
OL IND Schiavo Charles
FE IND Schlegel Steve
OL IND Schmidt Ron
SP IND Schmidt Brent
Vol Schmidt Brent
FE IND Schmitt Lanc
OL AB Schneider Chris
SP IND Schneider Jennifer
OL C/A Schoonmaker Adrienne
Vol Schoonmaker Adrienne
OL IND Schweers Mark
FE IND Seagraves James
SP C/A Seagraves Jack
SP IND Seely Michael
OL IND Sessions Korey
OL IND Seybold Scott
OL AB Shackelford Scott
SP C/A Shedden Alicia
SP IND Shipman Alex
SP IND Shook William
OL AB Shugart Mike
OL AB Shugart Marlene
FE C/A Siderits Justin
OL IND Silk Daniel
OL IND Sissons Andrew
OL IND Sissons Karen
OL IND Slater Lindie
SP IND Slater Lindie
OL IND Smith Ken
OL IND Smith Scott
SP C/A Smith Mark
SP IND Smith Scott
SP IND Smith Larry
SP IND Smoak Rian
SP IND Sneed Tim
OL IND Sommermann Jenn
OL IND Staskal John
OL IND Steele Patrick
SP IND Steele Brad
OL IND Stegner Steven
SP IND Stephens Greg
FE IND Stevens Sean
OL IND Stewart Eddie
SP IND Stone Alexander
Vol Stone Alexander
SP IND Storck Amanda
SP IND Stradinger Saxby
SP IND Stricklin Rocky
OL IND Strohman Wayne
FE C/A Sutherland Whitney
SP IND Sutton Emily
OL IND Swanson Stephen
OL C/A Sylvera Sean
OL IND Talley Troy
OL IND Taylor Genieve
OL IND Taylor Charles
SP IND Taylor Cyndy
SP IND Thiel Zachary
OL IND Thomas Chuck
OL REL Thurman Pati
OL AB Tidwell Belynda
OL AB Tidwell Edward
SP AB Tidwell Belynda
SP IND Tidwell Edward
OL IND Toiviainen Markku
SP IND Tolbert Christine
SP IND Tran Hoang
SP IND Tresemer David
OL IND Twyford Gregory
OL IND Tyler Mallory
SP IND Utsch Shelly
SP IND Utsch Willy
OL IND Vanschoyck Carol
OL IND Vermillion Pete
OL REL Villanueva Whitney
SP IND Vizzone Brian
OL C/A Walker Tracy
OL IND Walker Mark
OL IND Wallace Patrick
OL IND Walther Lee
SP IND Warford Travis
SP IND Warner Nicholas
SP IND Watkins Tom
SP IND Watkins Ruthie
FE IND Wayant Steve
OL IND Weathers Bryan
SP IND Weaver Ashley
SP IND Weber Linda
OL IND Webster Robert
OL IND Weicht Rebekah
SP IND West David
SP IND Westhusin Jacob
OL REL Wheeler David
Vol Wheeler David
OL IND White Steve
OL AB Whitten Scott
SP AB Wiist David
OL IND Wilcox Eric
OL IND Wilder Jeff
OL IND Wilkerson Erik
FE IND Williams Daina
OL IND Williams Jami
OL IND Wilsey Clayton
OL IND Wise Duncan
OL IND Wittig Mark
OL IND Wog Debbie
OL IND Wolf Jeffrey
SP IND Wolf Alison
OL REL Woods Glen
OL IND Woods Cindy
SP C/A Woods Glen
SP IND Wright Krystal
SP IND Xanders Brad
OL AB Young Kathy
SP IND Young Laura
OL IND Ziegler Terry
OL IND Ziegler Jane
SP IND Ziegler Anne
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