Indoor Triathlon at Gold's Gym

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Indoor Triathlon at Gold's Gym

Postby kkezOKC » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:43 am

There's an indoor triathlon being held at the new Gold's Gym on Memorial on Saturday, February 23rd!

Here is the format:
10 min swim
30 min bike
20 min run

This is a great race for those in winter training who want to add a race, for those who need some motivation to get back into training, for those who want an awesome sprint brick workout and it's for all ability levels! You don't have to be a Gold's Gym member to race either ($45 for members, $55 for non-members)! Participants will be divided up into heats and given a start time.

This Indoor Triathlon is based on time rather than distance...points are awarded based on distance covered in the allotted time.
Swim – 100yards = 10 points
Bike – 1 mile = 10 points
Run – 1 mile = 30 points

I put this triathlon together to keep us racing throughout the winter months. It has gotten the interest of many members of the gym who aren't triathletes (yet!!) and I'd love to be able to help add people to this amazing sport!! Many have already said they'll be doing the splash 'n dashes this spring/summer! I'd love to see some of the TriOKC members there racing too!! My specialty is swimming so if anyone needs any help/technique work in that area let me know, I'd be glad to help!!

If you all want more details or want a registration packet, email me at

Have a great day!
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