The Eurekan Race Report

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The Eurekan Race Report

Postby pculley » Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:19 pm

The Eurekan is part of the Eureka Springs Multisport Festival. To qualify as a Eurekan you have to do the sprint triathlon on Friday, the 100mile bike ride on Saturday, and the 10K run on Sunday. Doesn't sound too terribly bad until you look at the elevation profile. Arkansas is not a flat state.

The sprint triathlon is a 300m swim, 7mile bike, and 2mile run. It takes place on Holiday Island. The roads are not closed, but what little traffic there is are golf carts. The only flat part of this race is the swim. After not getting much use out of my TT bike last year, I left it at home and just brought my road bike. This course has a lot of ups and downs with one nice long winding downhill that you have to go right back up after the turnaround. The run is nearly all uphill. There is a flat spot out of transition and a slight downhill to the finish line. The rest is pretty much uphill.

If you like climbing, the 100mile bike ride is for you. There are six aid stations along the way and all of them are very well stocked. The major intersections are well-controlled and the start time is early enough that traffic does not pick up until later in the day. Nice long, steep, curving downhills and torturous climbs is what this ride is all about. Bonus: the steepest climbs come in the last 25 miles of the ride AND the last 7 miles is all uphill to the finish line.

The 10K run takes place around downtown Eureka Springs. There are maybe two somewhat flat stages on the whole course and two major climbs to manage. Thankfully, the run into the finish line is a very steep downhill. Only two aid stations on the run course.

After the run on Sunday, they have an awards ceremony and all the Eurekans get VIP treatment. There is a slide show and all Eurekans are brought up on stage to receive there medals.

I would definitely recommend this as a destination race. I know I'll be doing it again next year. There are a lot of things to do and see between events. There are a lot of interesting places to stay and lots of good food. The only thing I don't like about Eureka Springs is the smoking policy. You can pretty much smoke anywhere, including restaurants.
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